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There are very few companies like Wildheart. We only use 100% essential oils all blended to enhance your mood and wellbeing. There are only a handful of companies who adopt this approach.

We never use artificial perfumes or any petrochemicals. We promise that our products only contain essential oils and nothing else, we do not use”nature identicals” or filler isolates.
We use the highest amount of essential oils to create a luxury treatment product with the optimum therapeutic benefits – giving a moment of bliss.

We want to feel good about what we do therefore we:
Do not test on animals and would not use products tested on animals

100% of our containers, bottles & packaging can be recycled and we will always use glass containers for our body oil products

We hand-make our products ourselves to ensure quality and the raw material supply chain

Our candle wax is a vegetarian product made using no petrochemicals or toxic substances

Our diffuser base is a certified organic grain and certified by the Soil Association

We use organic botanical oils in our body products and a significant proportion of organic oils used in the candles

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Underbank Cottage, Raikes Road, Thornton-Cleveleys, FY5 5LS

07793 622686

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