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The ultimate luxury gift pack! Simple, quality, and organic ingredients are carefully sourced and combined to bring to you our natural handmade skincare products.


Indulge in a little luxury from head to toe...


Gift pack contains:


  • Soothing Washing Grains
  • Indulgent Body Butter
  • Radiance Facial Serum (particularly beneficial to those with oily, inflamed or acne prone skin)
  • Naked Lip Balm


✓  Certified organic

✓  Cruelty free



Ku.tis Little Luxuries - Nourish Gift Set

  • Wash Grains: our washing grains are versatile, gentle and refreshing. Packed full of finely ground plant powders, cleansing clays and essential oils, this face wash leaves skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed.


    Facial Serum: Kutis serums are rich and nourishing, yet light and easily absorbed. We use skin softening argan oil, soothing evening primrose and moisturizing rosehip seed oil to regenerate, repair and hydrate the delicate skin on your face.


    Body Butter: This shea butter rich formula deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin while the coconut oil keeps our butter light, fluffy and fast absorbing. The combination of these two rich ingredients with the finest essential oil blends make for a truly indulgent treat. The perfect luxury to smooth on after a long soak in the bath or a hard days work.


    Lip Balm: A lovely, nourishing lip balm with rich and protective shea butter. Glides on smoothly, moisturises and heals.

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