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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches work with their clients to make long term nutrition and lifestyle changes that aim to help improve overall wellness and longevity for clients. They use a combination of their nutrition and lifestyle expertise along with their coaching and communication skills.


Our aim is to listen, discuss and work with you to develop a personalised nutrition plan that is tailored to your goals. We encourage and support positive lifestyle choices to promoted health and wellness.


A little progress each day adds up to great results!

Simone Ingham
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Dip.NLC IHS

Helping you achieve your health goals

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching offers an educational approach to embed new healthy habits.


It is an evidence based approach that looks at all aspects of diet and lifestyle to improve your overall health and wellness.

My aim is to encourage, support and educate you to give you the knowledge and the tools to be able to make decisions for yourself to feel empowered, knowledgeable and in control of your own health and wellness.


I offer advice on healthy eating and lifestyle choices to improve health and wellbeing. ​​

​Good health leads to positive side effects

Weight loss * Increased energy * Improved sleep * Improved gut health * Improved Immunity * Reduced Stress * Reduced cravings * Reduced risk of chronic disease * Balanced mood * Balanced hormones


Eat      Sleep     Relax     Move     (less prominent as a feature on the page)


When you work with me it is a truly holistic approach. We concentrate on areas of focus that will move you closer to achieving your health goals.


We look at what you are eating and when you are eating. We also look at ways to improve your sleep, manage stress and be more active to improve your overall health and wellness.

No more crash yo-yo diets

No more restricting meal plans

Nutritional food to satisfy and nourish

An educational approach to build healthy habits

These are long term sustainable changes so we follow the 80/20 rule leaving room for the foods that you love.

Gradually we will change your relationship with food and build healthy habits to support long term health and longevity.

It's not just about how long we live, it's about how well we live.

Small steps to a healthier, happier you.

Choose from:

Back on track consultation - 1 hour

This 1 hour consultation provides tips and tricks for a healthier, happier you. During the consultation we discuss your health goals and implement small realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle to kick start or continue your health and wellness journey. This consultation is designed for those wishing to make small changes to their existing routine or for existing clients to book ongoing follow up consultations.

Please note: If weight loss is your main goal then the Health and Wellness package may be more suitable.


Health and Wellness package 

  • 3x 1 hour appointments (1:2:1 NLC)

  • 1 hour yoga class per week for 4 weeks (small group)

  • 30 minute PT session per week for 4 weeks (private 1:2:1)

  • Food diary analysis and reports.

  • Personalised sample meal plans

  • Recipe ideas for inspiration 

  • Supplement advice and potential recommendations.

  • Education and advice to develop a long term health plan for wellness and longevity

  • Support material throughout.

  • Strategies to improve sleep and manage stress

  • Strategies to incorporate exercise and movement

To book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to discuss your health goals please click here.

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title


Pure, natural and organic ingredients - Choose a collection

Becky Smith

I would highly recommend this company, orders ready the same day on two occasions, lovely products and packaging (the bag was sprayed with the Tranquil room spray which lingered for days )


I’m loving the Evolve mask trio, The miracle one is my favourite in terms of what it does for my skin... so smooth and looks more plump too!


I never thought wearing a face mask for 5 mins would do much but I suppose that's what you get with quality products! The gold one is very luxurious & the cacao one is next to try!

I will definitely be treating myself to more products from here in the future

Karen Osborne

All the products I have used from Organics and Nutrition at Underbank have been a really great quality.


The Gold Face mask was a lovely rich and moisturising treatment and left my skin glowing which we all need at times!


It's so nice to be able to buy quality products that support the environment.


The Tranquil range smells amazing and so relaxing.


I will certainly be trying more of the products.

Emma Scott

I can highly recommend Organics and Nutrition at Underbank.

The ordering process is great,

very simple.

I ordered the Organic Raw Cocoa Powder by Kiki Health, going to

attempt the chocolates recipe

I also ordered Sleepy Head Room

and Pillow Spray made by Coopers, can't wait to try that tonight and the Evolve Beauty Nourishing Hair Elixir with Argon and Boabab,

trying that out in a minute.

Massive well done Organics and Nutrition at Underbank